Our History....The Legacy Continues
In the Fall of 1961,
 Bishop James A. Waiters and 
Mother Ethel Waiters founded Shiloh Temple Church in their living room at 
4704 Norman Street in the Golden Acres section of Columbia, SC 
They worked fervently in the vineyard telling of about the goodness of the Lord. Mother Waiters was known for gathering children and teaching them to sing. 
Mothers' Day 1962
Mother Annie Millhouse Stroman

 Estelle Anderson Waiters 
Shiloh Temple -
 Columbia, SC
They returned to Atlantic City in 1964. In September 1966, Bishop and Mother Waiters founded the Shiloh Temple Church in at 121 Melrose Avenue, in the inlet of Atlantic City.  

Mother Waiters was a diligent missionary - going from house to house, witnessing to win souls.
In 1968, Shiloh Temple moved into 505 Madison Avenue (Baltic Avenue). Mother Waiters worked tirelessly going into the hedges and highways compelling men, women, and especially children to come to Jesus. She founded the Shiloh Temple Sunlights – a choir for children. After working all day, Mother Waiters would devote her evening hours to picking up children from as far away as McKee City, rehearse them and drive them home.

 To assist in with expenses of the church, Mother rented and sold clothing before and after working on her full-time job.
 Fire struck Shiloh Temple in 1974. What appeared to be devastation - was the beginning of blessings - a miraculous renaissance. As Bishop Waiters stood in the ashes in the main sanctuary, he vowed not close the doors, and never to beg on the streets, but to always “have faith in God”. As membership grew, Bishop Waiters skimmed the ashes from the baptismal to baptize new members and sometimes, entire families.  

In February 1974, Mother Waiters was the announcer for the first live radio broadcast, over station WLBD, which became WUSS.  

In 1975, upon completion of renovations to the main sanctuary, the church was dedicated as Shiloh Temple Pentecostal Assemblies. 

Bishop and Mother Waiters founded The Shiloh Temple Outreach Ministries Fellowship Conference in April 1980.  

In 1984, a new wing was added, which included a multi-purpose room, kitchen,  a ramp for wheel chair access.  

Shiloh Temple embarked upon building a “Cathedral by the Sea in September 1993”.  The edifice was completed in November 1994, with a second floor dining room;   Shiloh Temple Apostolic Cathedral was dedicated on July 8, 1995.
On April 29, 1995, The City of Atlantic City dedicated “Bishop James A. Waiters Lane.
 “Come and stroll down Bishop Waiters Lane - All your problems will never be the same - Put your mind at ease - 
he’ll preach you free - Come and stroll down Bishop Waiters Lane”

On July 8, 1995 Shiloh Temple Apostolic Cathedral was officially dedicated. 
The event culminated with dedicatory services, a banquet and a proclamation from Governor Christine Todd Whitman and  Mayor James Whelan. The special guest preacher was Bishop Leonard Briddell, Pastor of The Rose of Sharon Church, Philadelphia.  

In July 1998, Shiloh Temple sponsored a Sunlight Homecoming for everyone who had been a member of the Sunlight Youth Choir over the past 32 years. Bishop and Mother Waiters were happy to see the fruit of their labor – preachers, teachers, social workers, medical and military personnel, doctors, lawyers, nurses, cooks, law enforcement, state, county, and city employees, owners of barber and beauty shops, day care centers, wedding consultants, and men and women of God.  

On May 20, 2000, Bishop Waiters was honored in an 80th Birthday Celebration at the Holiday Inn President Bill Clinton sent a letter and honored him with the title of the “Right Reverend Bishop James A. Waiters 

On July 28, 2001, Mother Waiters was honored in an 80th Birthday Celebration at the Crystal Ballroom of the Howard Johnson Hotel. She received a plaque from Mayor Whelan and a selection from members of the Stroman-Millhouse Family Reunion which she founded in July 1980.

Bishop and Mother Waiters celebrated 60 years of marriage on July 12, 2003 at the Crystal Ballroom in Atlantic City with over two hundred guests. Mother Waiters threw bouquets of faith to anyone who wanted to be married 60 years. Bishop and Mother Waiters celebrated 61 years of marriage on July 12, 2004.  

Bishop James A. Waiters was called home to be with the Lord on Friday, July 23, 2004. Home Going Services were held in Atlantic City on July 27, 2004 and August 1, 2004  at Rehoboth United Church of Jesus Christ in Columbia, SC .  A bus was chartered to attend the services. Mr. Charles Jenkins hosted an outdoor banquet at the SC Farmer’s Market.

On Sunday, December 8, 2004, Elder Billal Parrish  and Evangelist Mary Parrish was installed as Pastor and 1st Lady of Shiloh Temple Apostolic Cathedral.  Bishop Wondell Johnson officiated.

On May 23, 2005 in commemoration of Bishop Waiters birthday,  a Golden Shovel Ground Breaking Ceremony  was held for the installation of the elevator.   Mayor Lorenzo Langford officiated.
The Going Up Higher Elevator Team
 Deacon Myron Jenkins – 
Mother Ethel Waiters & Sunlights
  Evangelist LeCounte for Sister Barbara Jones Sister Emma Reynolds for
 Evangelist Rose Hall

Golden Shovel 
Groundbreaking Ceremony 
In Commemoration of the birthday of
Bishop James A. Waiters

Monday, May 23, 2005 

Bishop Billal Parrish
Evangelist Mary A. Parrish
Mother Ethel Waiters
Mayor Lorenzo Langford 

In November 2005, we took our first ride on the elevator, a project that was Bishop Waiters dream for those in wheelchairs and unable to climb stairs.  

On July 22-23, 2006, A Bishop Waiters Memorial Weekend was held in Columbia, SC; Unveiling Services were held on Saturday,   July 22 at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery. Sunday, July 23 we gathered at the Delta House for morning worship; Original Sunlights, Elder Willie Jenkins and Elder Derrick Stroman preached. The South Carolina Stroman-Millhouse families hosted a beautiful banquet which  was followed the worship service.  

The legacy of "love ye one another" continues.....
Shiloh Temple Apostolic Cathedral
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